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It was the first time in close two weeks that they'd been able to secure a hotel room. Hunts had been scarce but once they'd hit a big one, they'd hit it big time and the earnings would be able to keep them comfortable in Lestallum for a few days while they rested up and refilled their stores.

There'd been a bit of a squabble over who would get the coveted shower first. Ignis quietly backed out with a huff and a shake of his head, leaving the others to suss it out. As always, things worked themselves out easily enough and not long after, Noctis and Prompto were both clean and back to their chipper selves.

Well, Prompto was back to his chipper self. Noctis was Noctis. That was enough.

Ignis disappeared into the bathroom after he asked the younger men to run a few errands for him. He was rarely one to linger while cleaning up but this time, he was sorely tempted. Still, he figured that Gladio would be eager for a chance at the remaining hot water so he dragged himself out of the bathroom, a towel around his hips and another one in his hands as he rubbed at his wet hair.

"All yours, if you want it."
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The prince's shadow. The babysitter. The nanny. Priggy Iggy. Killjoy. The royal asskisser.

Ignis was used to the nicknames. He was so used to them that by now, he didn't even hear them. At least, he never let on that he did. It was just easier that way. In some ways, some of them were true. He really was the prince's shadow. Ever since he'd been brought to the Citadel, he'd lived to serve the young royal as best he could. He was quick witted and had the uncanny ability to learn damn near everything put before him, be it history or complex battle strategies or how to mend clothing. Cooking was something else he was gifted with, though in the beginning, he had no desire to learn. Once the chefs that served the royal family threw up their hands in frustration at Noctis' picky eating did he step in and in the end, it was a good thing for everyone.

As they grew, he moved up in the court, attending meetings for the future monarch while he attended school, then tutoring him as best he could. Some of his contemporaries joked about that, commenting that there were bets over whether Ignis was alien or robot since they were sure he couldn't be a mere human.

In response, Ignis would merely push his glasses back up the bridge of his nose and politely excuse himself. Where he went was anyone's guess.

When Noctis started learning the more martial aspect of his training, there was no doubt that Ignis would be in attendance. Every day, he dropped Noctis off and settled himself in a nearby corner, his nose in a book and patient to a fault while he waited for the overly loud meathead to finish chasing his young charge around the room.


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